Pranshu Malviya

PhD Student at MILA


Extra Curricular

Workshop on Data Ethics, Algorithmic Accountability, and Digital Inequality in the Global South

ACM Web Science 2021
Spring, 2021
  • The workshop aims to contribute to the research on issues surrounding data collection, generation, analysis, dissemination, responsibility assignment for harm in the algorithmic decisions, and inequality in the access and use of information, all of them being relevant in a web setting.
  • With focus specifically on the global south, a term often used to identify developing countries, as the aforementioned issues are currently centered in the global north setting.

Workshop on Introduction to Data Science

IIIT-Bh, India
Spring, 2017
  • Organized a three day workshop for more than 150 students in order to promote data science and help them get started with machine learning.
  • Followed by an online data analysis competition.

Coding for All

IIIT-Bh, India
Fall, 2015
  • Introducing and helping beginners in IIIT Bhubaneswar with basic programming concepts.
  • Designing course structure to be taught in the weekly class.

Honors and Awards